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Welcome to Creeping Death 

We are a level 25 Horde-side guild on Scarlet Crusade-US. We welcome players of all types, including casual, pvper's and progressive raiders. We have multiple ongoing progressive raid teams we are working on, and we are gearing up (pun intended!) to begin a 25 man team, as well as regular guild RBG's. 

Our guild members are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, so even if you are new to the game, you will find a home here. The Death Council is fair and open-minded and works hard to run things for the benefit of the entire guild. We are currently welcoming all classes and talent specs of players, especially tanks and healers! If you're looking for a fun group of people to spend your raiding time with, allies to smash the Alliance with or just to hang out with, Creeping Death just may be the place for you!   

Our Guild Rules can be found HERE. If you are a guild member, it is assumed you have made the effort to go read them and by continuing to stay in the guild, abide by them! 
If you have further questions, visit our forums, or contact a member in game! 

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Guild Officer Positions

Silentdeathh, Nov 3, 12 8:36 PM.

Creeping Death is currently seeking highly motivated individuals to assume Guild Officer roles.
Guild Officers' primary requirements will be to form, lead, and run guild events.
Secondary requirements are simple, just help contribute to the welfare of the guild. (This could be contributing to guild bank funds, inviting new members, or just simply making sure to ask guild members to run dungeons.)
If you want to be a Raid, R-Bg, or just simply a Bg leader and recieve assistance from the guild, now is your chance.

 If you would like to assume this challenging yet highly rewarding role, please contact a guild council member!


Movin on up!

Snikkidoo, Oct 20, 12 6:51 AM.

CD is now on Twitter!!

CreepingDeathCouncil, Jun 4, 12 1:36 PM.
You can now find announcements, reminders, chatter, and game news updated on twitter! You can find us at @CreepingDeathSC for all the info and more! Give us a follow!

Raffle Time!!!!

CreepingDeathCouncil, Jun 3, 12 10:02 PM.
Guardian Cub up for Raffle! Sign up for a chance to get one of the coolest of the cubs!

Creeping Death Group Page Open on FB Now

CreepingDeathCouncil, Jun 1, 12 3:57 AM.

A place for us to have a lil fun and show off some pride 

Guild & Raiding Rules NOW POSTED!

CreepingDeathCouncil, Mar 30, 12 1:57 PM.
The guild rules and raiding rules have been officially formalized, and are posted on the FORUMS. Please register, log in, and click the FORUM link  at the top, and VOTE in the poll to the right stating that you have seen and read the rules! This is required, per the GM! :)

Heroic: Ultraxion

CreepingDeathCouncil, Mar 28, 12 5:08 AM.
Heroic Ultraxion is dead! 03/28/2012

Rated BGs Go Live!

CreepingDeathCouncil, Mar 18, 12 5:05 AM.
Rated BG have been implemented and are currently being ran. Scheduled for weekends, but ran when members are online and willing to go!

Creeping Death Deathwing

CreepingDeathCouncil, Mar 18, 12 5:04 AM.
Deathwing is dead! (Normal 10man) February 18th 2012!!
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